About Us

"Source code of your product should be between you and your customers" - That's the foundation concept of ModuleForest and this differentiates us from other Marketplaces.

What we do?

ModuleForest is an online marketplace (just like Magento Connect) for Magento extensions and themes from different developers (or sellers). We are just like a hub of Magento extensions and themes from different websites and sellers.


There were mainly two purposes to start ModuleForest.


- Firstly, to provide easy access to merchants of different extensions from different sellers at one place.

- Secondly, a platform for sellers to sell their Magento extensions, themes or modules without worrying about the commissions to be paid to Marketplaces.


At ModuleForest, the process is very easy and affordable as we do not sell your extensions, themes or modules, we refer the interested customers to your website to purchase the extension, themes directly from you and to be in contact with you for any further issues or queries regarding the extension or themes.

This is a platform that will benefit both the customers and the sellers. The customers will find different Magento extensions or themes from different vendors in one place and can even compare them according to their requirements. The sellers will be benefitted as we will do the marketing and promotions of their extensions or themes on our social media platforms, without any extra cost.


Some of the Features for your kind attention!


  • Code Safety: This is the best part. Your extension or module’s code is safe with you. We don’t ask for your extension’s code as we only share the characteristics of the extension and the URL of your website from where the interested customer can purchase the extension.
  • No commission: This is the second-best part of ModuleForest. The complete process is absolutely free, from Registration to Selling.
  • No third party involvement: Us being the third party, will have no interference between you and your customers’ dealings.
  • Extensions’ promotions: We will promote your extensions on all our social media platforms and through our blogs.


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