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Magento 2 Extension
Automatic Customer Group Switching simplifies your customer group management in Magento 2 by moving the clients to different customer groups automatically by using a super flexible rule-based system.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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This Magento 2 extension "Automatic Customer Group Switcher" provides a super flexible solution for automating your customer group management.

Customer group management can be a time-consuming job with a large and diverse customer base.

By setting custom group switching rules, clients are automatically moved to any desired group, saving you a lot of valuable time and effort!

Choice of Rule Conditions

  • Customer Account Information: Set up rules based on customer attributes and account details, such as newsletter subscription, e-mail address, or customer gender and age.
  • Shipping & Billing Address: Automatically group your customers by city, postcode, region or country.
  • Invoice & Order Totals: Switch customers based on aggregated sales attributes, such as their monthly turnover or total shipping costs.
  • Single Order Attributes: Move customers based on any single order attribute, including order turnover, weight, item quantity, discount and tax amount, shipping method, VAT number, and address details.
  • Ordered Product Attributes: Switch groups based on any ordered product attribute from the customer's order history or from new orders only, such as SKU, category, price, quantity and total product turnover.
  • Flexible rule-based customer management solution
  • Auto management of customer groups by creating custom rules
  • Set up any kind of group switching rule selecting from a huge list of conditions
  • Create rules based on customer account details
  • Group customers by city, postcode, state/region or country
  • Organize customers based on total turnover and other aggregated sales attributes
  • Switch groups based on any single order or product attribute
  • Automatically manage customers with product memberships
  • Create rules based on specific order history time frames
  • Configure the rule processing order, period and events
  • Execute individual or multiple rules at once 'on-demand'
  • Periodically batch process group switching rules using the integrated Cron functionality
  • Optionally notify customers and admins by e-mail about group switching events
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