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Magento 2 Extension
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This extension lets your visitors see the upcoming extensions, tagged as 'Coming Soon' on the frontend of your Magento 2 store. It also comes with an interesting Countdown feature and a subscription form.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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When you want your visitors to see the products that you are about to launch, this extension comes to the existence, that will help you achieve it. To let your visitors see the upcoming products help in creating a customer base even before the product is launched. And the orders will start pouring in soon after the product launch.

Let's take two scenarios to explain this;

Scenario 1:

You are about to launch a new product that you have planned to launch in 30 days. When you will launch the product (after 30 days), then Google or other search engines will start crawling and indexing the product. Once the product gets listed on the search results, people will come to know about it (while searching for the product). This whole process might take some time, say 20 days. So, for your product to get listed on google/search engines and the customer buying it, will approximately take around 1.5 months (from when you wanted to sell the product).

Scenario 2:

Consider letting people know about your product on the same day when you planned it. By saying that it will be available in the next 30 days. You create a new product in your catalog that will display the details of this upcoming product on the storefront. This will help Google/Search engines to crawl and index the page(s) with the new product. And this will help the customers to view the product even before its launch. And after 30 days, when your product is launched, people are all ready to buy your product. So, in this, the whole process of crawling, indexing and people buying it took approximately 30 days or so. i.e you will start getting sales on the same day or within a few days after actual product launch. 

After analysing both the scenarios, #2 is the best as it will take about a few days for the product to sell from its actual launch date, unlike the first (which was taking around 1.5 months in total and approx a month after the product launch). Unfortunately, Magento does not allow any of it.

To solve this issue, we created the extension "Coming Soon Products". 

To know more about the extension, keep reading further;

So, this extension adds a "Coming Soon" badge or a text on the product without an "Add To Cart" button making it clear that the product is not available for sale yet.

Note: ‘Coming Soon’ text can be modified at the admin settings.

On the product page of the 'Coming soon' product, a countdown timer can be shown according to the launch date. This launch date and the countdown timer can be set at the admin panel.

With this, a subscription interface is also available for the interested visitors who would like to subscribe for the launch notifications. They would just need to add Name and Email id to fulfil the subscription requirement. So when the product is launched, the subscribers will receive a notification with the link to purchase the product.

Hence, the subscribers will be the first to know about the launch and the first to buy the product. This means that the product had a market much before its launch.


  • With the help of a subscribers' list, the merchant will have an idea of its customer base i.e. the number of customers who are interested in purchasing the product.
  • The above list may also help in the maintenance of stock as the merchant will have the approximate number of products to be manufactured or delivered.
  • Creating the product page in advance will boost search engine results of the product.
  • No unnecessary emails to everyone.


  • The product will be launched on the set date automatically.
  • You can either automatically launch the product by setting the date in admin, or you can manually edit the product and make it live instantly.
  • In case, the product was unable to launch on the said date and time, then the countdown timer will be replaced with a text message that can be configured at the admin.
  • Interested visitors can get themselves subscribed with the product launch notifications by providing their name and email id at the product page.
  • This extension specifies the utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign parameters that will be used while building product URL for Product launch notification email so that you can track how much traffic you have received from the launch notification email.

Extension configurations

This extension is configured at, RedChamps > Coming Soon > Settings

  • Both M1 & M2 versions available.
  • With the list of subscribers, you get an approximate sales number for the specific product.
  • Creating a product page in advance gives a boost to the product in search engine results.
  • The audience will already be available for purchasing the product, resulting in quick sales.
  • The product is automatically launched on the set date.
  • The product can be launched manually also by editing the product at backend and launching it instantly.
  • If in case, the product could not be launched on the specified date, the countdown timer will be replaced with a text message configured in the admin.
  • Interested visitors can subscribe for product launch notifications.
  • Admin setting to specify utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign is provided by the extension.
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