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Magento 2 Extension
This Magento 2 extension easily creates advanced contact forms for Magento 2 with a simple drag & drop form builder. It contains many designs and customizable e-mail notifications.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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This Magento 2 extension is a very feature-rich plugin that lets you create as many custom forms as you want, without any coding experience required. This extension provides a necessary solution for any Magento2 webshop with regular contact requests.

With its simple drag & drop form builder, you get many designs and display options with which you can easily create any type of contact form virtually, such as a sales inquiry form, RMA or quotation form, customer satisfaction survey and much more!

Also, this extension includes two integrated Captcha functionalities to protect your website against spammers and abuse: the updated Google ReCaptcha and Visual Captcha.

The contact forms are 100% AJAX-based, which means that pages don't have to reload when a form is submitted!


  • 18 beautiful Bootstrap themes and 100s of design options
  • 100% AJAX-based front-end design
  • Integrated form validation & captcha spam protection
  • Easily create pop-up and slide-out forms using widgets
  • Build multi-page and multi-column contact forms
  • Create dynamic contact forms with conditional form fields
  • Fully multilingual. It supports one language per store view
  • Pre-fill forms with customer info, product details and more!

Admin Features

  • Helps in creating advanced forms with simple drag & drop builder
  • Build any type of form from many form fields available
  • Automatically create new contact form pages
  • Easily insert forms anywhere using widgets
  • It has fully customizable customer & admin notifications
  • Save and manage form submissions in the back-end
  • Easy translation of all form fields and notifications.
  • As many forms can be created as you want without any coding skills!
  • User-friendly drag & drop contact form builder
  • A wide selection of customizable form fields
  • Choose from 18 beautiful front-end themes
  • Easily translate your forms in the admin area
  • Combine your theme with one of six form wrappers
  • Looks beautiful on all devices and screen resolutions
  • No need to reload pages when submitting forms
  • Automatically check the format used in input fields
  • Optional reCaptcha & Visual Captcha spam protection
  • Includes form upload field for attaching files
  • Automatically create custom contact form pages
  • Insert your contact forms anywhere using widgets
  • Display your form in a slick light-box pop-up
  • Create fancy slide-out forms to spice up your webshop
  • Divide your forms into multiple tabs or pages
  • Add sections and columns to forms
  • Create advanced forms with conditional form fields
  • Automatically prefill forms with variables
  • Email notification system with custom variables
  • Configure conditional admin notification recipients
  • Style form fields using custom CSS classes
  • Optionally save form submissions in the back-end
  • Easily export form submissions to CSV & Excel
  • Unlimited forms
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