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Magento 1 Extension
Magento 2 delivery date scheduler augmentation permits online store clients to pick their acquired items to request conveyance date & time according to their benefit from a lot of permitted dates.
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Appjetty's Magento Delivery date expansion is the best conveyance date/time module. The fundamental component of this module is to engage your clients with the office to choose their preferred conveyance date and time with the assistance of Delivery Date Scheduler.

When you coordinate this Magento Delivery date augmentation, it removes all the hypotheses from the request conveyance process. Utilizing this expansion, you can show the accessible request conveyance dates and your clients can pick the one generally helpful to them. This guarantees you generally convey on schedule and reach up to their desires.

Let’s explore some must-have features of Magento Delivery Date Extension:

Date Selection:

This gives your clients the opportunity to choose a helpful date and time from the alternatives accessible. It guarantees on-time conveyance and keeps correspondence clear between all the gatherings. In addition, as the client has chosen the date, they know the appearance of their request and will be available to get it.

Choose Time Intervals:

This element gives you the freedom to show the accessible conveyance openings, time and dates. This guarantees the client picks a period that the two gatherings are alright with. This sort of administration causes you to assemble a brand and give excellent client assistance.

Date Scheduler Settings:

This gives you the privilege as a proprietor to choose the arrangement of date, for example, schedule view or vacancy see. You can organize the date like dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy.

Another slick component lets you furnish your clients with that day conveyance choice too by including redid charges in like manner. You can set the farthest point to that day conveyance to deal with the day's conveyance. Regardless of whether the conveyance number arrives at the point of confinement, your clients will have the option to submit a request however their conveyances will move to the following day during your working hours.

You can likewise characterize your working hours and national occasions. This helps your clients in putting in a request in like manner.

Your clients won't need to endure more with conveyance or buying issues. You can likewise choose schedule vacancies to make conveyance simple and can redo the charges as indicated by those availabilities.

Backend Order Management:

You can make a request for the benefit of your clients and can likewise set the conveyance dates to it. You can undoubtedly monitor the conveyances showed on your dashboard and can likewise send out them in the graphical configuration.

Email Notification:

Your clients can without much of a stretch pick the conveyance date of a solitary item. Furthermore, when they put in a request, you can likewise send them an affirmation email including conveyance data.

Features this module:

  • Permit clients to pick conveyance date and time
  • Set interims among request and conveyance dates
  • Show Scheduler on the Product Page and at Checkout
  • Same day conveyance with custom charges and cut-off time
  • Custom Delivery Option for Magento Customer Groups
  • Pick Date and Time position
  • Monitor Delivery Orders
  • Show Delivery Date and Time with extra charges
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