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This extension allows you to mark a product as discontinued.
Compatible With
1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x
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When you want to stop selling the product without deleting it, it is better to mark it as discontinued.

But in native Magento, you can not discontinue a product. You can only disable or delete a product. In both of these cases, product URL will start throwing 404 pages which can lead the problem to search engine rankings.

To overcome this problem, we developed the extension 'Discontinued Products', that will help you discontinue a product in Magento.

Once you have installed this extension, you can discontinue the product in three ways:

  1. By opening the product(s), you want to discontinue, in admin and clicking the 'Discontinue' button.
  2. You can configure it in admin to discontinue the product automatically at a specific date.
  3. You can import a CSV containing the list of products needing to be discontinued.

Once the product is discontinued, it will be removed from all website pages except if accessed via direct URL.

While viewing a discontinued product on the storefront, the extension will show a message stating discontinuation of the product. Along with the message, the alternative products to the discontinued one will be shown.

The usage of this extension will make sure you will completely use the SEO value of the discontinued product URL by showing alternative products to customers.


  • Separate grid: The discontinued products are listed at a separate grid (Catalog > Discontinued Products > Product List) so that they can be managed easily.
  • Easy restoration: If you have discontinued a product by mistake or wish to restore it after some time then extension provides a button on the product edit page to restore it
  • Discontinuation duration: The time after which the product will be trashed and for how much time it will be kept in there can be configured in admin settings.
  • Email notifications: Sends an email notification to admin for scheduled actions like Discontinuation or Trash or Clean up from Trash, executed on a particular day.

Extension Configuration:

The extension' s configuration can be managed from admin path 'Catalog > Discontinued Products > Settings'.

  • This extension will show alternative products from manually selected products, related products or from subcategory products.
  • Discontinued Product's visibility can be decided i.e whether it needs to be accessible via direct URL or will be shown in category/search pages.
  • If the discontinued product is chosen to be visible via a direct URL only, it will be removed from the sitemap.
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