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Magento 2 Extension
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This Magento 2 extension will allow you to mark any product as discontinued instead of deleting the same.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Sometimes, you wish to terminate a product due to issues like less demand, defective product, the manufacturer stopped its production, etc.

If you wish to do so with a Magento store, then originally, you have to delete, disable or mark the product as out of stock. But, with the help of our extension "Discontinued Products", you can mark the product discontinued instead.

With the discontinuation of the product, you always have the option to restore it when required.

After installing the extension, you can discontinue a product either separately discontinuing them or configuring it to be done automatically on a specific day. 

For separately discontinuing the product, you can select or open the product(s) in admin and then click the 'Discontinue' button.

One more easy way to discontinue products is to import a CSV file, to 'Catalog > Discontinued Products > Import', that will have the list of discontinuing products.

Now when the product is discontinued, it will be eliminated from the website except if it is accessed through a direct URL. However, this can be managed from admin under the path `Catalog > Discontinued Products > Settings > General Options > Discontinued Product's Visibility`.

If anyone views the discontinued product, then a discontinuation message is popped up on the top of the page along with similar/alternative products. Also, the content of the Discontinuation message and similar/alternative products can be edited from admin settings.

An important advantage of using this extension is that the SEO traffic gets diverted to the other similar products which do not let you lose the former's traffic. 


  • It displays all related products to discontinued ones as 'Alternative/ Similar Products'.
  • The discontinued products are recorded at the grid, Catalog > Discontinued Products > Product List. Here, it will be easily managed or viewed.
  • If at some point you wish to restore the product, then this extension provides you with the restoration option as well. 
  • The period after which the discontinued product needs to be trashed can be configured in admin settings. Also, the duration for keeping the product in trash can be configured there.
  • The extension sends an email notification to the admin for actions like discontinuation or trash or trash clean up, to be executed on a particular day.

Extension Configuration:

This extension can be configured at admin path Catalog > Discontinued Products > Settings

  • The Discontinued Product's visibility can be decided in the admin, i.e. if it is accessible via direct URL or will be shown in category/search pages.
  • If the discontinued product is accessed through direct URL, it will be removed from the sitemap.
  • The extension will show alternative products either from manually selected products, related products or from subcategory products.
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