FedEx Shipping Manager

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Magento 2 Extension
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Magento 2.x extension for FedEx shipping - generate and print FedEx shipping and return labels
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Creates FedEx shipping and return labels automatically or manually.

You can consider Weight, Dimensions, Insurance, Duty and Taxes.

Use COD, Notifications, Saturday Delivery, create and print International Paperless Invoice.

FedEx Shipping Manager allows you make packaging manually or automatically, using product dimensions and pre-created Boxes.

Printing settings allow you print FedEx labels as PDF, or EPL / ZPL by Zebra printer.

Return labels can be created by Admin at any time or by Customer on the frontend when Invoice is created and Order is completed.

Tracking number will automaticcaly insert into shipment information and can be sent to Customer in shipping email.

With FedEx Shipping Manager you can:

  • Use your own FedEx account for labels creation;
  • Create test labels or billable labels;
  • Create FedEx labels manually or automatically (as soon as order is placed);
  • Select FedEx shipping method for domestic and international shipping, for shipping labels and return labels independently;
  • Create FedEx return labels : by admin or by customer from front side;
  • Create compliance between standart Magento shipping methods (Free shipping, Flat rates, etc.) and FedEx shipping services;
  • Set weight and dimensions of your shipments: you can use weight and dimensions of each product (by attributes) or create up to 10 given size packages for automatization;
  • Select who pay for shipment: shipper, recipient or third party payer;
  • Manage currency, duty and tax charges, additional handling, insured value, use COD, etc.
  • Automatically send tracking number to customer immediately after shipping label creation;
  • Print FedEx labels as PDF, ZPLII and EPL2 – by Thermal printer; Thermal printer can be connected to computer directly via USB;
  • Manage size of the FedEx labels (4×6, 4×8, 4×9);
  • Print FedEx labels automatically by Thermal printer (only via Internet, you printer should have external IP and Port);
  • Use address book for different shipper addresses;
  • Fully supports Multistore functions.
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