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Magento 2 Extension
The Follow Up Emails Extension for Magento 2 stores is crafted to increase the number of repeat sales with the help of follow up emails on various events. It also empowers you to boost customer loyalty and establish lifetime relationships with your shoppers without extra efforts.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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The multifunctional Magento 2 extension is a reliable assistant for increasing your store’s revenue and
better communicating with your customers.

Increase revenue

Enhancing email marketing campaigns, you'll be able to increase the average revenue per customer.
Follow-Up Emails as a part of successful email marketing campaigns will assist to do it faster.
With the help of this module, you can target customers who have exited your store leaving abandoned
carts, shoppers who placed an order, those who ordered a specific product and greet people with their
birthdays or other dates.

Improved flexibility

Every email stream may contain an unlimited number of follow-ups. Send emails only to relevant
customers depending on purchased products, customer group, order attributes.

More reasons to choose the Follow Up Email extension


● Flexible email editing without limitations. Include blocks, text, order information, discount, etc.
● Detailed analytics. Track the number of readers, clicks, placed orders and new reviews.
● Ease of implementation. Set up the extension within minutes and make your customers happy.

● Implement the easy automatic way to send follow up emails
● Manage your email log like a pro
● Create customizable emails with variable options
● Schedule email campaigns in minutes
● Use handy templates for advanced personalization
● Motivate customers to purchase immediately
● Recapture abandoned carts
● Make shoppers return to checkout and complete their orders
● Use customized Welcome emails, Thank you emails, Birthday greetings and special offers
● Accelerate the growth of customer reviews
● Explore email campaigns statistics

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