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Magento 2 Extension
This Magento 2 extension will improve layered navigation available on category and search pages. The improved navigation will be a user-friendly navigation system that allows customers to browse the product catalog very conveniently. Browsing can be done using ajax, multiple filters with handy widgets, etc.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x
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The Magento 2 extension, "Improved Layered Navigation" offers an exclusive selection of features for total navigation optimization. It offers well-Designed and user-friendly navigation, that is one of the most important aspects which directly affect customer shopping experience and search engine rankings.

This extension helps users in browsing product catalog in a very easy way, which includes using various filters like price slider, colour, brand etc.


  1. User-friendly product search system that lets your customers find necessary items in seconds.
  2. Each search filter can be customized according to your customers’ needs to make the store navigation instinctive. This helps to browse products quickly and conveniently.
  3. The navigation filters are SEO-friendly and help to attract more organic traffic to category pages.
  4. It lets customers find their favourite brands instantly by adding custom brand pages with unique content, enabling brand filters with appealing logos, adding brand sliders to any category page and show a filterable ‘all brands’ list.
  5. It allows customers to sort store items by applying a filter to any product attribute like rating, new arrivals, price, etc.
  6. It allows adjusting of categories display easily according to your website specifics to make browsing as convenient as possible.
  1. Tailor menu and filters' display to your needs
  2. Vertical and Horizontal Navigation
  3. Generate SEO-friendly URLs and brand pages
  4. Let customers filter products by brands
  5. Speed up product filtering with AJAX
  6. Use sliders and widgets for numeric attributes
  7. Fully optimized for mobile
  8. Flexible canonical URL modes for the category and 'all-products' pages.
  9. Built-in Shop by Brand functionality
  10. Brands Slider for any CMS page or a block
  11. Multiple values of the same filter
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