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Magento 1 Extension
Deal with your Magento store backend from versatile with MageMob Admin augmentation & portable application bundle. Oversee items, check request subtleties, track request satisfaction - all from your versatile application!
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A versatile aide for Magento Extension causes online vendors to see the request, deals, items and client subtleties from their iOS gadgets. They additionally get a warning when another request is set in their store.

Essential Features

Find the rich list of capabilities that lets you deal with your Magento backend from portable

Numerous Store Support: The Magento administrator expansion underpins different store positions. Get results and reports dependent on your store determination.

Pagination and Listing: All the modules have smooth and simple pagination and posting alternatives. You can just swipe to move between various pages.

Separating choices per module: All modules have sifting choices. For instance, in the Sales module, you can channel orders dependent on status and time.

Intuitive dashboard: Get Sales report with subtleties like a number of requests, complete deals, normal request esteem, and so on

Custom Duration Sales reports: Sales reports can be produced for explicit length for instance for most recent 7 days, current month, and so on

Deals Order Details: View all the subtleties of the requests set, including charging, transportation, and item subtleties.

Cooperate with clients: Get client subtleties alongside the related request subtleties and interface with them through messages.

View and oversee items: Products can be handily seen and overseen progressing. It is outfitted with empowering - cripple usefulness also.

Value-Added Features:

With MageMob Admin we go past fundamental highlights and give you esteem increments that make your speculation absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

  • Notice for different exercises: Get told when another client pursues the store, the new request is set or when the base stock level is gone after any item.


  • Oversee Products: Edit item subtleties like item name, portrayal, value, selling status, accessibility and part more.


  • Report Charts: Get graphical outlines for some, criteria like Country Based Sales Chart, Average Item/Order Chart, Most Wishlisted Products Chart, and Best Seller Items Chart.


  • Standardized identification Scanner: Use a standardized tag to refresh item stock, create solicitations and alter items.


  • Create solicitations for deals orders: Generate solicitations against your business orders, drop requests and mail or print them from the telephone.


  • Audit Management: Manage item surveys for the store. Erase and endorse item surveys transferred by your client.


  • Oversee Inventory: Manage stock of your items. Make them In Stock/Out of Stock for the store.


  • Create Shipments: Produce shipments for client orders with transportation subtleties and measure of items to be delivered.


  • Gadgets Supported: Order posting, recently enrolled clients and low stock items are seen through gadgets. The applicable warnings can be seen on Apple and Android Watch.
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