Magento 2 Age Verification

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Magento 2 Extension
The Magento 2 Age Verification expansion demands a further measure on clients era requirement before obtaining acceptance to look at or make purchases on specific shop pages.
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Magento 2 Age Verification extension allows you to steer clear of underage customers from accessing or making purchases in your own site. It functions by installing an era gate on your Magento 2 store to validate the age of this consumer when you get your site. On specific products, classes, CMS, Cart & Checkout sites, it is possible to trigger age-gate. You can customize and select the name out of 10 different popup templates.

1. Age limitation is place for the webpages and goods
2. Age confirmation is required whenever setting any sequence
3. Confirm the date of arrival of logged in clients
4. A popup message which clarifies customizable confirmation of your era
5. Compatible with Several Other extensions

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