Magento 2 Simple Configurable Products

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Magento 2 Extension
Once you are done with configuring product detailing, Magento 2 simple configurable extension allows you to select a default product which will be displayed when a customer choose a specific product.
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Among the very helpful extension to your Magento two shop i.e. Straightforward Simple Configurable Products for Magento 2 which provides each product its own distinctive individuality which further helps you to obtain every easy configurable product separately on the basis of colour, title, SKU, and URL.

1. Clients can easily recognize the merchandise based on personalized advice about each very simple item.

2. Ability to set the default option chosen simple merchandise from configurable one through admin panel.

3. Item selection procedure becomes smooth and productive.

4. Helps boost the search engine optimization aspect of your shop because this expansion makes a exceptional URL for each chosen product.

5. A broad assortment of choice for a client to work out and readily select up their demand.

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