Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker

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Magento 2 Extension
Want to prevent spam bots and fake signups from damaging yours and your online store's image? Install and configure our Spam and and Bot Blocker Extension for Magento 2 to block spammers, .ru emails and bots on the spot.
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Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker is just one of those must-have tools to your Magento two e-commerce store to block poor bots and spams which are continuously crawling your shop in search of feeble forms and code to hack on your shop.

1. Among the best solution to prevent spam bots and prevents the store from getting hacked.

2. Block bots that get certain request paths.

3. Limit and prevent the spammers to prevent fake registrations simply by displaying the error messages.

4. Easily deal with the list of Blocked Bots and may also export the CSV of blocked bots.

5. Google reCaptcha to prevent spam accounts inventions.

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