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Magento 2 Extension
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This extension will allow you to add a flat or a percentage based additional fees to existing or new orders.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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When you want to add fee or surcharge to the orders already placed or the new orders creating at the backend, this extension come to service.

In native Magento, Merchant could not add the additional fee or discount once the order has been placed. And for new orders being created at the backend, to add a discount amount, you had to first create a coupon code and then use it.

Therefore, this Magento 2 extension was developed to add a flat or percentage-based promotional discount or an additional fee/surcharge to the below situations:

Existing orders: This extension will adjust the order total by providing a label and value of the adjustment. The value can be in positive or in negative.

New orders getting created at the backend: As mentioned earlier, it is a complex procedure if you want to add a surcharge or discount while creating an order at the admin. To do so, you first have to create a shopping cart rule and then apply it to the order. But with the help of this extension, you can directly add the surcharge or discount to the order at the admin panel, without creating any coupon code. This is done by simply mentioning the adjustment title and the value of the adjustment. The positive value will be treated as fee/surcharge and the negative value as a discount.


  • This is a Plug and Play extension which means it will start its functionality the moment it is installed without any manual configuration.
  • It allows you to add multiple adjustments.
  • Adjustment amount can be a flat value or a percentage of the order total.
  • It works on existing orders as well as on new orders being created at the backend.
  • Order total adjustment functionality can be allowed/disallowed for specific admin users.

Extension Configuration:

The extension configurations are located at admin path Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Order Total Adjustments.

  • Many adjustments can be added in the order totals.
  • Add/ edit adjustment amount of existing orders.
  • Add/ edit adjustment values of new orders being created at the backend.
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