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Magento 2 Extension
This Magento 2 extension promote your products cost-effectively and grow revenue through extra sales channels. It helps in automatically collecting all required attributes to make product feeds suitable for all popular shopping platforms.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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With the help of "Product Feed" extension, you can display your products on any marketplace. Escape time-consuming and manual data feeds management. Choose the relevant format, adjust prices, automate feeds generation process and get compliant with any shopping platform requirements.

Displaying products on multiple shopping engines helps in sale growth. This helps in improving brand awareness by expanding distribution channels and also in increasing conversions by attracting new customers to your store.

Use the extension's ready-made templates to easily generate product feeds for Amazon, Google, Bing, and Facebook. Easily duplicate and modify any existing template to create new product data feeds for other shopping channels. It also precisely customize your data feed to deliver exclusive product offers for each platform.

This extension helps you conveniently track and manage all the feeds in a grid.

Set up Google shopping feed in 7 short steps

With Magento 2 Data Feed Manager, you can create Google shopping feeds in just 7 short steps.

  1. Choose the main options
  2. Define product categories
  3. Easily match requirements
  4. Specify basic product info
  5. Add extra product details
  6. Keep your feeds updated
  7. Automatically upload to server

You can also sell your products directly on Google surfaces. Google platforms help people find what they’re looking for online and in-store over millions of products and thousands of stores. With the Magento 2 Google Shopping extension, you can upload products to Google and let your customers easily add items to their shopping cart from the Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Assistant, Google Images, and soon even from YouTube. After adding items to the cart, customers can seamlessly checkout with their Google account.

  • Easily generate product feeds with ready-to-use templates
  • Use the Wizard to set up Google and Facebook feeds quickly
  • Create an unlimited number of custom product feeds
  • Add conditions-based values to your feeds
  • Set up the schedule for automatic feed generation
  • Track your sales efficiency with Google Analytics
  • All product types support (configurable, simple, virtual, bundle, downloadable, grouped).
  • Indicate how many products will be handled during one iteration.
  • Create ZIP/BZ/GZ archives to speed up the generation process
  • Manage all cron tasks on the Cron Tasks List grid
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