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Magento 2 Extension
Milople's best selling Recurring and Subscription Payments Extension which allows you to sell products with recurring payment plans.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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As a Store Owner, you can allow your customers to choose the plan either weekly or monthly plans.  Your customers will be able to choose from various subscription plans and terms available for the particular product.

Create plans and terms to sell products on subscription. 

The payment once captured from the buyer's card before X days of term renewal.

You can set the plan for a product for an infinite term as well, so that subscription will never end unless manually terminated by the admin or by the buyer from their account.

Order Management for Customers

Customers will be able to check and see their recurring orders from My Account > My Subscriptions of the Magento store.

The customer can cancel an existing subscription at any given point.

  • A recurring order once placed can be activated on events of Order placement, invoice generation, order completion.
  • Active, suspended, Expired, or Cancelled status can be assigned to a subscription order.
  • Activate an order on any of the On a date selected by a buyer, on the moment of purchase, First date of the next month.
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