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Magento 1 Extension
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This extension will allow website visitors to share their shopping cart via email, SMS, WhatsApp or via a link
Compatible With
1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
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Sometimes your customer might wish to show their shopping cart to their loved ones for their opinion or any other reason. But, they can't do so as native Magento does not have this feature for sharing shopping cart.

Fortunately, we have developed the extension, "Share Shopping Cart" to solve this problem.

With the help of this extension, your customers will be able to share their shopping cart with their loved ones via a link, email, SMS or WhatsApp. A report will also be provided in the admin for analyzing the sales made using shared shopping carts.

Importance of the extension

There can be many use cases of this extension, some of them are

  • Your support team or sales agent can prepare shopping cart for customers and share a link with them to checkout
  • A customer can share his/her shopping cart to his loved one to process the payment on his/her behalf or just to have an opinion.

All the use cases will lead to developing more customer base for you and quick conversions as well.


  • This extension can be allowed/disallowed for a specific customer group.
  • To analyze the sales made through shared shopping carts, a report is provided in admin at path 'RedChamps > Share Cart > Conversions Report'.
  • Details of Shopping Carts shared can be viewed at admin path 'RedChamps > Share Cart > Shared Shopping Carts'.
  • The details of Shared Shopping Carts can also be viewed by the customer at the section 'Shared Shopping Carts' in his account.
  • The content of the email shared can be edited from the admin panel.

Extension Configuration:

The extension can be configured at admin path 'System > Configuration > RedChamps > Share Cart'

  • Multiple options are available for the shopping cart to be shared (Email, Direct URL, SMS or WhatsApp).
  • Admin and customer, both can view Shared Shopping Cart details.
  • Conversions made through shared shopping carts can be viewed as a 'Conversion Report' in the admin.
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