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Magento 2 Extension
The Magento 2 extension, "Special Promotions Pro" helps in developing your discounts with smart conditions. This extension allows for creating promotions based on customers' information and purchase history. It uses 20 actions to be sure that the promotions are unique and appropriate.
Compatible With
2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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This Magento 2 extension, allows creating special promotion rules according to the customers' information and purchase history. It effectively manages your company selling strategy by disabling promotions for products with Magento 2 special price. Highly individual and accurate promotions can also be created with the extension's thought-out conditions functionality.

This extension lets you create promotions for various occasions or give small prizes. The steps to do so could be:

  • Add a new cart price rule
  • Name it and specify the applicability
  • Limit the rule with well-thought-out conditions
  • Select the type of promo you want to use
  • See how the promo looks like in a shopping cart
  • Show all the applied rules in the discount breakdown

Range of Promotion Types

There can be many ways to create different promotions like;

  • Creating offers based on the cheapest and/or the most expensive products in the cart.
  • Buying one and getting another one discounted.
  • Сreating offers based on the amount of money spent. For example, if $500 is spent, a discount of $50 will be applicable.
  • When products are bought in several pieces, discount can be applied either to a specific piece or to all the pieces. For instance, buy 4 wheels and get 4th with 50% off.
  • Create promotions to sell more pieces of the same product. For instance, buy 10 pens for $3.
  • Create product sets and discounts according to your needs. For instance, buy a pen, pencil and an eraser for $5.

Highlighting Promotions

This extension helps in making your promotions extremely appealing to customers with random price labels or banners. Like;

  • Add banners on top of the product page
  • Add banners under the products' description
  • Display vivid labels


  1. Сustomer attributes: Conditions based on customer information can be used for personalized discounts. For example, you can give discounts on St. Patrick's Day to all people, who have 'Green' in their last names.
  2. Purchase history: Promotion rules can be based on orders quantity and the total amount spent reward some of your frequent and loyal customers. For example, creating deals for customers who placed 4 orders or spent $500 in the last 6 months.
  3. Custom options: This is a very accurate way to limit promotions as the offer can be adjusted to any case. For example, you offer glasses, and there's a custom option to include an engraving. In this case, you can offer discounts only on engraved glasses.
  4. Order subselection: For instance, you can apply the rule only for customers with 3 or more orders, with order status "Complete" and which were placed 6 months or less ago.
  • Create 20+ promotion types for extraordinary deals
  • Use customer's attributes as rule conditions
  • Limit promotions based on customers' order history
  • Select the base price for discount calculation
  • Restrict promotions for products with special prices
  • Discount display on the cart page
  • Complete Magento integration
  • Complete various actions using web services, which interact with the Magento system via Magento API.
  • Skip products in your Magento 2 store on special price
  • Choose a price for discount calculation
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