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Magento 1 Extension
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Magento 1 extension for UPS shipping - generation and printing of shipping and return UPS labels.
Compatible With
1.8.x, 1.9.0, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.x, 1.9.3, 1.9.4, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x
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Allows admin create shipping and return UPS labels with a lot of settings.

You can create UPS labels automatically, manually or in bulk mode

You can consider Weight, Dimensions, Insurance, Duty and Taxes, Additional Handling and Carbon neutral.

You can use COD, Negotiated rates, Quantrun View Notifications.

UPS Shipping Manager Pro allows you make packaging manually or automatically, using product dimensions and pre-created Boxes.

Printing settings allow you print labels as PDF, Image or use Thermal printing EPL / ZPL labels by Zebra printer

Return labels can be created by Admin at any time or by Customer on the frontend when Invoice is created and Order is completed.

Tracking number will automaticcaly insert into shipment information and can be sent to Customer in shipping email.

You can create Pickup Schedule.

  • Create UPS Shipping Labels and Pickup Shedule using your own UPS Account Credentials;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Fully Automatic Mode – labels create when order submitted;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Bulk mode - bulk creation from Orders’ page by one click;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels in Manual mode - create manually Shipments and Labels;
  • Create UPS Shipping Labels and Pickups in Test Mode and in Real Mode (billable Labels and Pickups); completely pass UPS Certification Process (you will receive docs with the extension);
  • Create and print UPS Shipping Labels, even if UPS shipping is disabled in your Magento® System and you use Flat Rates or Table Rates for Customers;
  • Fill Address Book - create up to 10 addresses for Shipper and Ship From;
  • Generate UPS Shipping Labels for every Shipment, use Multishipment and Multipackages, store and delete generated Shipping Labels in your Magento® System;
  • Automatically create Packages to every product in an order (as option);
  • Automatically insert Tracking Number into the Shipping Information block of the Shipment;
  • Save the cost of shipment (created UPS shipping label) in the shipment’s table;
  • Customize for each label a lot of parameters, including: UPS Shipping Method, Packaging conditions, Shipment Description, mark Shipment as Residential or Commerce;
  • Create Return Labels by Customer (from customer’s account) and by Admin (from Credit Memo);
  • Create Return Labels by Admin automatically, simultaneously with the Forward Labels;
  • Take into account the Weight and Dimensions of Packages;
    Admin can prepare up to 5 packages with different dimensions and select one of them for label creation;
  • Use Negotiated RatesCOD, set Duty and Taxes and some other settings (see detailed in Configuration);
  • Set Quantum View Notification;
  • Print Shipping Labels as GIF, HTML, PDF, ZPL and EPL documents, allows printing adjustments;
  • Print UPS Shipping Labels by Zebra Thermal printer;
  • Use Bulk Printing - you select a few orders and then create PDF file with all shipping labels of these orders (you should create the labels for these orders previously);
  • Bill Shipment to Third Party Payer;
  • Create Third Party Payers;
  • Create Pickup Schedule;
  • Create, edit and cancel Pickups;
  • Fully supports Multistore functions;
  • Note: The extension can not create labels for Dangerous Goods (this is not supported by UPS Shipping API).
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